Write Features

ThinkFree Write Has Every Feature You Expect and the Look-and-Feel You Know

Microsoft Word 2007™ users will be amazed at how quickly they can be productive with ThinkFree Write™. For a fraction of the price, ThinkFree Write™ provides all the features and functionality you need to create the same documents, web pages, and marketing collateral you’ve used in the past. Compare Write’s features described below to your current word processing application.

Highlighted Features

Other Features

ThinkFree Write’s  intuitive user interface  makes you more productive faster

Familiar user interfaceall the tools you need, exactly where you expect to find them.

Share objects with ThinkFree Calc and Showinsert diagrams, charts, and graphic images from ThinkFree Office and MS Office applications.

collaborate better by marking changed text and formatting during document review.

Autoformat apply formatting standards per your settings.

Autocorrect identifies spelling errors and corrects automatically while you type.

Word/character count easily monitor the number of words in your document at all times.

Bullets and numbered lists a complete selection of list styles.

Track changes collaborate better by marking changed text and formatting during document review.

Citation and references complete functionality to insert references, footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, etc.

Spell check identify common spelling mistakes and misuse.

Use ThinkFree Write’s Styles  Palette to easily  select and apply a new style to your document.

Full-screen reading mode makes online reading easier so that fewer documents need to be printed. Navigation controls make reading online easy.

Phonetic guidesuggests spelling based on phonetic version typed

Formatting tools define styles for paragraphs, line spacing, borders, shading, and other format options.

Headers/Footers insert and define headers and footers to appear on every page or document section.

Links add hyperlinks, bookmarks, and cross-references to documents.

Save as PDF save completed documents as Adobe PDF files to easy sharing over the internet.